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JUST MEET YOU Project 「剛巧遇見你」眾籌計劃


What I want to do…1st cello music album “Just Meet You”


I will be releasing my first cello music album “Just Meet You” at the end of 2018.  The Album will contain different stories of encountering and I hope to deliver them to your heart through music.



One Person One Thought 一人・一念


Do you have your Centre Line to live a right life?

Unleash the power of one thought when cello meets Wing Chun.

“One Person – One Thought” Campaign reached out to the public for people with Centre lines, i.e discovering the “Centre Line Person” and have them to deliver the positive message “One Centre line, One Positive Direction, One Positive Thought” in hope to induce reflections upon life and inspire the public to ponder upon themselves and self-pursue.


-----大提琴與詠春 牽動生活思與想-----


Serendipity 邂逅


The pieces selected for this concert circles around the theme of Serendipity. The intent is to remind the audience to embrace life and celebrate the discoveries along every one of our journeys in life even if it might not unfold as we expect. 


Songs My Mother Taught Me 母親教過我的歌曲

14/05/ 2014

The heavy rainstorm (red signal alert) did not dampen the audience's enthusiasm.  Admist the thunderous applause from the cheering crowd,  I look to the expressions coming from the innermost being of each and everyone.  In that moment, I was curious what everyone heard and felt as we shared the same space and time with music.  


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